Data Center and Network: ( IT Solutions ) uses Level (3) global network for its primary IP backbone. Level (3) has built a global communications network unlike any other. State of the art and secure collocation facility that boasts premium space built according to uniform environmental and security standards. It is the most advanced communications platform in the world.

It is the first network to be completely optimized for advanced IP technology, the first to be fully and continuously upgradeable - enabling Level (3) to continue to deploy new superior technology as it is developed. Our collocation facility network was designed to evolve as technology evolves taking advantage of the fact that a new generation of fiber becomes available every 18-24 months.

Additionally, optoelectronics - the equipment that controls the flow of information through a network much as valves control the flow of water through a pipe are improving even faster. Doubling in price performance every 9-10 months, optoelectronics is the fastest improving technology in industrial history. The network is powered by dual redundant OC48 backbones. We utilize BGP to provide intelligent, fail-safe routing. We route your users to the fastest available connection to ensure maximum connection speed and virtually eliminate down time.

Network Location Security:
- Multi-layer security control procedures, biometric palm readers, and 24x7 closed-circuit video and alarm monitoring.
- Public access to the data center is strictly forbidden.
- CCTV surveillance of the entire data center building, including entrances, 24x7x365.

Power & Environmental controls:
- Uninterruptible redundant AC and DC power solutions that are flexible and upgradeable - meeting all types of customer needs.
- The UPS power subsystem is N+1 redundant with instantaneous failover in the case that primary UPS fails.
- In the event of an extended power outage, on-site diesel generators can run indefinitely.
- Cooling: HVAC redundant design with air distribution under raised flooring for maximum temperature control.
- Fire Suppression: Smoke detection system above and below raised floor; double-interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression.
- Overhead Cable Management and Ladder Racking: Provides easy access to all cabling while deterring obstructions from under the raised flooring.

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