DefinitionThe objectives Comparing between E-learning and E-teaching. Virtual school and e-schoolE-school web site partsE-school and security Requirements of e-school Teaching subjects by using e-class room Features of learning through the e-school Cons and pros of e-school Example.

Definition An application that use for storage of study-related information created in schools. It is available to users over internet and it allows authorized persons to view the part of the information that they have the right to access.

The logoe-learning capability at any time ,any whare ,in any style ,any speed a regular classE-school Comparing between E-learning and E-Instrucation. E-Learning E-Teaching Lesson Teacher Inside Or Outside The school With Or With out teacher Learner Class room video.

The Objectives:

- E-school and Virtual school Virtual E-school Place Any where The internet Face to face E-mail Way of learn The
  Internet requirement teacher.
- Partes of e-school web site Student grade sheet Missing class Time table Homework and tests Forums.
- Forums.
- Time table.
- Homework and tests.
- Missing classes.
- Student grade sheet.
- E-school and security Everyone can only view the information designated to him / her. They use personal
  Identification and password for students and teachers. Other people can enter it by using ID card.
- Requirements of e-school.
- Teaching subjects in e-classroom.
- Features of learning through e-school.
- PROS, Easy to access by students, teachers and parents, reduces teachers´ routine work load, An opportunity to
  communicate more frequently and easily, IT culture important data
  (student lists, data about teachers, syllabuses, etc.) are stored digitally.

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