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Adobe Flash often refers as Flash is a program that creates multimedia content on web pages such as games and movies. With the use of Flash one can create colourful and creative web pages. Flash technology helps in developing more interactive and colourful web pages than simple html web pages design. It offers a great deal in creating interactive and dynamic web pages that attracts end-users attraction.

Previously Flash was purely used for creating the 2d animation and gaming that was a part of the entertainment industry. Nowadays, Flash has become the effective language of websites. Flash gives influential web experiences for web users. Flash template helps web designer to save time and maximizes capital in e-commerce business enterprise. The flash template makes the website design interface more interesting and sharing.

The Customize Flash design permit you to affix motion and sound to your website. The Flash presentation within your website offers a higher level of engagement to your visitors and makes your business intelligent in look and conduct. With the help of customize Flash designed pages organizations can effectively educate potential customers by providing exciting and interactive experience about their products and services. By Customize Flash application an interactive demo can be developed that is capable of conveying your product message and can attract potential customer from global arena.

Flash has turned into another name for interactivity in website design. Flash interface has replaced the conventional non-static elements on web page with ones that lively interact with the user. Nowadays flash can be easily incorporated into website design through flash templates. These flash templates offer interactivity to the web design and also they cost fewer amounts and it reduces the need for employing a flash professional. Most of the small and middle-sized business owners mostly go for such flash based website design.

Some effective ways to utilize Custom Flash design include:

- Interactive Maps.
- Interactive Technical Presentations.
- E-Learning Development.
- Product Demonstrations and Previews.
- Intelligent Website Navigation.
- Integrated Website Applications.
- Flash Games.
- Interactive Movies.

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