Mail Enable

About MailEnable:
MailEnable is the system software that companies and Internet Service Providers use to provide messaging and collaboration. The mail server software provides a powerful, scalable hosted messaging platform for Microsoft Windows. The software offers stability, un-surpassed flexibility and an extensive feature set which allows you to provide cost-effective mail services. Here are some of the powerful features MailEnable provides:

- MAPI Connector for Microsoft Outlook - a complete integration with Outlook, including mail, calendaring, contacts and collaboration.

- Mobile Synchronization - synchronization of appointments, contacts & tasks with mobile devices via SyncML.

- iPhone & iPad calendaring/contacts - access via CalDAV.

- Sharing & Collaboration - easily connect to other users' shared resources, such as calendar or mailboxes.

- Clustering & Fault Tolerance - scalability and reliability.

Latest Version:
MailEnable Version 6 includes a significant array of new features as well as extensions and product improvements.

Webmail has been enhanced to allow interactive/inline streaming of audio files (MP3). Messages containing MP3 file attachments can now be streamed inline within the webmail client.

It is now possible to use MailEnable as a cloud storage provider. Mailbox owners are able to access their "My Files" folder as a network drive over the WebDAV protocol. Mailbox owners can store photos and documents from their computer or phone (using products like NetDrive and other WebDAV clients).

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