Real Estate

Real estate is a dynamic and ever-changing world. As a real estate agent it is absolutely vital that you benefit from a personalized website that answers your specific needs.

When we build our real estate websites, do some search engine optimization, and promote our sites in other ways, we're doing the right thing. However, telling potential listing clients how many visitors your site gets isn't enough. Real estate listing syndication is the process of getting a listing's information displayed on other sites around the Internet. This can be a manual task, but is more effective if somehow done with an automated process.

We understand the particular features that your website needs to grow your business. In addition to our professional graphic design and custom template development, here are some features we can build into your real estate website:

- Multiple Listing System (MLS) integration.
- PPersonalized content management system.
- Unlimited property categories and subcategories.
- Mortgage calculator.
- Image gallery management per listing.
- Automatic PDF flyer generation for the listed properties.
- Google Maps and AJAX Map search integration.

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