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Streaming media service expression refers to broadcast audio and video over the internet. Whereas the Internet has tons of great video and audio, all of which you can receive with the right software.

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We are using the best streaming technology and it's based on Flash Media Server version 2.0, also we support our customers with articles about Flash Media Server to help them understand how it is working and what it can be done with it.

Streaming service allows you to broadcast your data over internet in easy way. Streaming have several types as streaming media that means broadcast your media over internet, streaming education that means grouping students by similar academic ability and dynamic data that means data that is asynchronously changed as further updates to information become available. We provides you with any type that you may desire. ( IT Solutions ) hosting company chooses Flash Media Server for streaming service because Flash Media Server achieves its goal to provide quality streaming services to companies looking for professional and reliable streaming services for broadcasting audio and video media via internet so that we always hope to provide our customers with high volume of streaming service.

We have two cases of streaming service first, with dedicated hosting in this case the client has his own server and no one can share him in the server. Second, with shared hosting in this case we offer you easy and reliable hosting packages for streaming, both live and on-demand.

This solution helps you to give your customers access to high quality audio and video via the internet. Also, we have two types of streaming service the first type depend on conduction the video via the internet and the second type is called internet radio which depend on conduction audio via the internet and the capability of distribution of audio signals to a number of recipients without obligation with limitation of coverage area so we can reach for more number of areas.

We must know the type of application which we will use because it very important to define the bandwidth which we will need to this project to define the cost of this project and the hardware which will use.

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