VPS ( Linux Plans )

Egypt.com's Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) are an affordable hosting alternative to owning a dedicated server. Your VPS provides you with dedicated server performance, root access, and guaranteed resources for resource-intensive Web projects. As a Red Hat Ready Hosting Partner, Egypt.com's expert support team is well prepared to handle any question or issue 24 / 7 / 365.

Configurations Plan (1) Plan (2) Plan (3) Plan (4)
Memory (RAM) 256 MB 512 MB 512 MB 1 GB
Virtual Disk Space 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB 50 GB
Monthly Transfer 100 GB 150 GB 175 GB 200 GB
Dedicated IP Address 1 1 1 1
Operating System Centos Centos Centos Centos
Weekly Backups Available Available Available Available
SSH Access Available Available Available Available
PHP Available Available Available Available
Perl Available Available Available Available
Root Access Available Available Available Available
MySQL 4 Available Available Available Available
One Time Setup Fee $50 60$ 70$ 75$
Monthly Payment 100$ 120$ 135$ 150$

What operating system is available with Egypt.com's VPS plans?
Egypt.com's VPS plans are available with either Centos (Linux) or Windows Server 2003 as the operating system.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?
Virtual Private Servers are isolated server environments located on a single partitioned physical server. A VPS performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server for its users and applications:

- Each VPS has its own processes, users, files and provides full administrative access.
- Each VPS can have its own system configuration files and can house applications.
- Each VPS can have its own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones .
- Each VPS can have its own IP addresses, port numbers, tables, filtering and routing rules.

What are the advantages of a VPS?
VPS gives you the features and functionality of a dedicated server without the cost of building and maintaining one. If you need to host unlimited domains, have complete control of your environment and run your own applications, then you will benefit from having a VPS. In addition, a VPS provides the ability to manage your dedicated environment directly through SSH or Remote Desktop Connection. In addition, you can add a control panel like Plesk, Cpanel to our Linux Base VPS. The control panel enables the administrative user to perform actions to their VPS immediately, without having to contact support to have a technician complete any necessary requests.

What are the disadvantages of a VPS?
Egypt.com carefully controls the priority and scheduling of processes, memory and network flow, in order to prevent any single user from negatively impacting shared resources. Although Egypt.com partitions your VPS from other clients' VPS on a single server and maintains a high level of control, there are still risks associated with sharing hardware with other users. For this reason, certain clients prefer the complete isolation of their own dedicated server environment.

How is a VPS different than shared hosting?
A VPS eliminates the restrictions of shared hosting by giving you the power and flexibility of a dedicated server with your own set of services and customizable disk space. Shared hosting is limited in comparison because its users do not have administrative access and software configurations cannot be customized, despite the fact that physical. resources are also multiplexed. With a VPS, you can control your own unique file system and CGI-BIN, disk space, system resources, bandwidth and memory allotments.

How many VPS clients are on a single physical server?
The number of clients per server varies based on the plan type. Our Linux VPS Base and Windows VPS Base servers can hold a large number of clients. These environments are monitored to ensure the number of clients never exceeds the amount of resources available.

Shared & Virtual Private Hosting:
VPS accounts operate independently of each other. Each has its own operating system and applications, including Send mail, and can be customized by the owner with new applications. VPS also affords the customer a certain minimum allowance of bandwidth and processor time, so one account cannot monopolize an entire server. VPS accounts utilize unique Send mail, removing the danger of server-wide blacklisting. In the standard shared environment most hosts provide, accounts are set up to share the operating system and the same set of applications. Designers looking to upgrade or extend the functionality of basic shared hosting are limited by lack of root access. Finally, shared environments share Send mail, which places all users at risk of blacklisting if only one sends spam.

- Business/Personal Web Hosting
- Reseller Web Hosting
- Multiple Domain Hosting
- File Server
- Remote Backup Server
- Web/DNS/Mail Server
- Web Development
- And others you want a small scale server...

- Each VPS is dedicated to 1 customer only.
- Each VPS contains its own firewall rules.
- Each VPS has its administrative root account
- Each VPS contains it own dedicated file system.
- You can use Secure Shell (SSH) to remote connect to the VPS console.

- It is as high as performance of the physical server. ( less than 3% overhead )
- Resources ( CPU/Memory ) are evenly distributed but trustable ( upon resource availability )

- You can use Root administrator account to install / uninstall applications, like extra webmail, additional php modules, mysql management pack, etc.
- You can reboot your VPS anytime on your own.

Backup and Restore:
- Weekly Full VPS Backup.
- Free Full VPS restoration is included (limit to 3 restorations per month).

- Physical Server OS: Windows
- Virtual Server OS: Windows

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